Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tired, rainy, gloomy

So today was a bad morning and of course were suppose to have more rain, more cold, and no sun. Supposevly what the new cast said no sun for a long time. GREAT no sun! I think im going to die. We had a couple of friends from Alaska come through last night justin and his friend frank, there driving through on there way back up to alaska wish they would of gave us more notice before so we could of hung out with them today instead of gone to work. I think they might stay an extra night. Well work is going, trying to keep awake

Oh yeah and im going to the beach friday cant wait to get away, and moving out tommorow from my roommates but that could possibly be delayed until sunday we will see..But my nephew and my brother and his wife are going to be there cant wait! yay Until next time!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer was here for a COUPLE of days it was 95 degrees and then like a light switch it turned to be cold rainy and miserably. I took advantage of the summer warmth by going to molla river as well as canby. The current of the water was moving very fast and to dangerous to go swimming, at canby and we watched 3 people almost drown, TEENAGERS! 2 people were rescued and the other one floated about 15 miles down we called the police and he was soon rescueed by the police boat. Molla river was pretty shallow but it was also very cold and the water was moving pretty quickly, but you cant be by the water and NOT go in when its hot out so I had a couple or drinks, and decided I am going in Sierra my dog followed after, my legs were cold as ice, and I dunked and ran back out, I cant wait for real summer to finally come along I need to swim, Im a water dog.